The finishing touches

Since two weeks we have been intensively working together with other two teams on our final video storyboard. After the first approval of the whole teams work from our tutor Sebastian, we had a hangout with Nancy, who brought some new ideas about the video’s production. Instead of making it very theoretical and informative with infographics, she proposed to have it more like a story thread with some maybe characters in it. It should get a viewer’s attention by it’s creative approach, especially as our goal is reaching out young people, and still be informative with its clear content.

Yesterday with other production managers, Charlotte and Razvan, we edited the script leaving only  necessary information to explain the problem, current NGO’s situation and solution how we are willing to help them. We will combine filming two inspiring people who are involved in water sports  and some basic infographics to give the general information about IWF as it is the easiest way to bring up facts to the video. We aim that the final result would be clear, informative and of course inspiring to take an action towards the world with fresh water for everyone.


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