One more week Reflection!

Hi to all our Readers!

As all of you know, last week all three NGO’s groups had three storyboards about


2.Existing work


This week we had to combine all these three storyboards into one. In the meeting at Monday we all discussed about feedback we received from Nancy and other commentators. We found out that our final video should be more emotional and fun as Nancy said and that it is important not only to show the problem, work or solution, but to have a story in our video is necessary. So to make it real all Production managers met at arranged time to work with the script and the storyboards. The Team work started again! Today we already have the final storyboard, script and we already did the rehearsal. We, as The IDE Collaborators had our part in this exercise.

We worked with solution part for IWF. We worked on three key questions – 1.What? 2. Why? 3. How? And in this way, we found out that we have to make use of existing clubs/teams that are in touch with water and to enable them to help the IWF in its goals. We decided that we are going to use Facebook and email in order to link them together. We contributed in the team work by giving the feedback for other ideas and also by making the suggestions to improve our final video. It was really challenging to re-make our storyboards, because we needed to put a story behind the facts in order to make our video interesting and not boring. We understand that every lesson is learnt when next time you are not doing the same mistakes all again, that is why there are things which we would do differently from now. First of all, we won’t do the final work (for example the storyboard) without testing it and asking for the feedback of our peers and others. Secondly, we learnt that it is really useful to write a to do list when the meeting is getting started in order to stay focussed on the outcomes and objectives. So, these are small tips for the future. 🙂



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