Teamwork, learning and other tales…

The mother of all lessons
Looking back our crash against a wall in terms of structuring our work in week 4 has been the biggest lesson during this project. This was a lesson we learned as a whole NGO group, not just the individual teams. Being too focus driven lead us to jump to conclusions. The confusiasm made us panic and we tried to combat it with coming up with results fast.

We all thought confusiasm was a pretty funny term for just being confused but I think as a team we have finally grasped the logic behind it and furthermore how to embrace it. Taking it slow and not looking at the final outcome but the steps leading to it proved to be an approach that will even help us in other projects (if not even most) in the future.

giphy (2)

We came close to making the same mistake again when creating the script for the video. We had the final video in mind and not what was required to complete it. This time however we took a step back and came together to discuss the outcomes and what needed to be done. Structuring our work helped a lot and we avoided being stung by the same bee twice.

Inspire me

The team blogs within our NGO were of most help to gain further insight into what has been discussed in our team meetings and what Francois had given us to chew on. It was a great source of learning and ensuring we were all on the same wavelength. Reading how another team had perceived the learning of the week gave us new perspectives and encouraged active conversations in our team meetings.

Our NGO had an amazing amount of input for us that required all of the teams to receive the same message. Reading through others blogs again helped us with that.

Bringing all the good things together

Screenshot at Oct 06 20-44-34All teams working on our NGO collaborated from the get go to create a structured and unified solution. We started by brainstorming within the teams. The ideas were brought together in front of the big audience to refine and decide what will be done. This way we kept changing between working in teams of 5 and with the entire group. From the proposal we distributed tasks to the teams to contribute to the final solution. This led to a solution that has many creative inputs and unifies the vision of 15 people in one product.

Our group working structure

giphy (1)

The final presentation again has been split up into three parts (see below) that then got assigned to the teams. This way we agreed on a format and content together while having creative individual input.

  1. Problem – Batco
  2. Existing Initiative – 5Kings
  3. Proposal – Collaborators

Each team works on a script as well as a storyboard which will be merged to form a complete presentation. We understood that teams need to work together closely to ensure the transitions are logical and work. Once the final project has been agreed on, it will then go into production.

Another benefit of this approach is that we do not have to coordinate what goes where and have ideas competing with each other within the team.

This week, team work has been more important than ever before. We needed to communicate on a regular basis to ensure all the puzzle pieces fit together. Finding the right way to split the workload and setting strict deadlines was crucial to achieve the objective of bringing our storyboards together.

Reaching out

We are also looking into more ways to collaborate with the Interhague team to see if our NGOs can benefit from each others work. We will have another Google Hangout brainstorm session next week to explore what might be possible. This will not fundamentally change our proposal to our NGO but we believe everyone can benefit from being open towards new connections and fresh ideas. Stay tuned for some exciting development in cross NGO work!

Let us know how you approached working on a common video as a group, did you also split the workload of a unified idea? What do you think of our approach? We are looking forward to your comments!

The Collaborators

giphy (4)


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