Taking a step back & reflect again

Sharing our storyboard with Nancy gave us a lot to think about. We need to take step back and think again about how we would like a video to look. Thanks to Nancy now we know that focusing more on the story than theotry will be more beneficial for a viewer and also our NGO.


3 thoughts on “Taking a step back & reflect again

  1. Oeh, very cool….. This website/blog is amazing. I didn’t understand at first. Is this what Alan had suggested? I would like pictures or some kind of text on the boxes (but perhaps it just hasn’t loaded on my ipad). Now I’ll read 😉 just wanted to let you know I found it 😉


  2. Ok, what why and how are 3 characters? Or 2 walking us through it? Oh I like that, male and female telling the story backwards… What a genius idea! Working your way back, how they got involved and so forth…. Good stuuf here! Keep it going, this is fun instead of (boring… Which was what Nancy didn’t want to say! 😉


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