Success vs Failure

To recognize a failure is a fundamental key while moving towards the success. From the beginning of this project our team had up and downs each week while thinking of a last and solid proposal to our NGO. On week 4 we had this essential change in our strategy after a long discussion with Francois, IWF founder. Rather than connecting young water enthusiasts only trough social media we can bring together proactive youngsters though crowd-sourcing. Me, we and networks week led us to a right direction towards creating a platform for local youth networks, which will work as a potential and future-orientated initiative for IWF.

We believe that with our proposal we can fulfil our NGO needs to spread love for water message. However, it requires not only enthusiasm, which can be a driving key in the beginning for young surfers or swimmers, but also a strong partnership within those water related groups and of course the constant contact with IWF itself.

I reckon that each of our team’s member had some difficulties and doubts to go though this whole period of the project communities class. Personally I had a struggle to commit to my role as production manager as I didn’t have a clue what is happening and what will happen. This week we have finally visualised our result, we’ve made a storyboard for a final video. It is a standpoint for me when I can actually see what we have already achieved during this short period. I must say that I believe in our success, but the failures often launch us into better opportunities too, right?


One thought on “Success vs Failure

  1. Nice reflection! I agree on your statement. Actually success does not consists in making everything correctly. By discovering mistakes you make, learning from them and trying to avoid them a second time, you actually realize how you can improve yourself or your work to achieve better result.


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