Storyboard for Solutions

Script Solutions for IWF

Our Proposal Youth
networks that create a platform for the IWF to engage young people in
their work. Our team think that would be the impact for our NGO, because young people has a
lot of energy and potential. It can be really helpful, because everything starts from young
individual who in the future will face problems. If IWF will start with it, the love for water will grow
towards the generations and become like daily routine in everybody’s life.




One thought on “Storyboard for Solutions

  1. Hello IDE Collaborators, your story board was really interesting to read because the steps were described in details. By responding to those three questions, (what-why-how?) you set up the ultimate basis for your final video. As I analyzed your storyboard I could see that you are focusing on crowdsourcing, a very effective way to attract a certain target, if you match the interest of your target group with your offer. Youth, you wish to approach young people at university, the perfect place for it, but how did you imagine doing it? Distributing flyers in the hallway, presenting the topic by speeches.. ? what do yu think about creating an app, this is how the youth is getting informed nowadays. Thus to complete your storyboard it would have been nice to have your NGO’s purposes and your team aimings explains. In my opinion this should also appear in the video.


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