Story-boarding and Final Presentation(Video Planning)


Today I am going to describe the definition of storyboarding and some tips and tricks to make it more attractive, also give you some information about video creating/editing tools which could help you to create your own video much easier and better!


A storyboard is a graphic organizer in the form of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, motion graphic or interactive media sequence(template).

We as a group have decided to visualize our role in the IWF NGO, We have chosen Storyboarding Method as it is one of the most explicit ways of it!

As we are three groups working on the same issue (Water Problem),We divided tasks so Our group (The Collaborators) worked on a part of the whole story-board. Our task was to visualize a solution for Water Problem.So we tried to expose to this matter rationally and the Outcome satisfied me. In my opinion not necessarily all Ideas work, but doing something is better than just staying and nagging about problems!

Here you can find some useful info to make your own Storyboard:

Final Presentation(Video planning)

As we are going to make a video for our final presentation we should be pretty much organized and follow the right path to make an efficient one. But how we are going to do it? let me explain:

First of all, I asked Alan to give me some instructions about how to make a video(Technically) and what should be content.(Here you can watch our hangout video). So the next step was finding a best program for it, Here are my recommendations:

Actually we are not started to make the video yet, as we (Whole three group) are all working on the content nowadays, But hopefully within couple of weeks you can see it on our blog as well as project community website.


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