Hang out with Francois

Feedback given to us by Francois made us realise that we are going a right way, but also have to re-think the idea of either going world-wide or local.


2 thoughts on “Hang out with Francois

  1. Good to have this video here, would be even better if there’s some interesting conclusions from this video to post here!


  2. Through this conversation with Francois we got more clues about what and what not to include in final video. We managed to divide our ideas in three parts: What? Why? How?. Keeping the questions form always makes it more dynamic. All parts are mostly based on relation between NGO and students, because we think that it is what I-Water should focus on in the future. By finding different groups of young people all around the world, the NGO could develop more. For example maybe some students from design courses could help I-water with the website? That’s the way for students to gain experience and it has benefits for both sides.


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