Water Stahili

Looking back at week 1.4, where we introduced the theme of tech stewardship, we received some great feedback on what we have to offer when it comes to Google services. The Interhague team contacted us and was asking for some more guidance as they were thinking of using google as a predominant tool for their NGO.

And I think that is what Tech Stewardship also entails – helping communities other than your own. Most of the time teaching enables you to get a better idea of what you are doing and sharing our knowledge creates a fantastic environment for collaboration.

After this hangout I took some time to think the idea of cross NGO collaboration a bit further and the ideas seemed to be noteworthy. The other NGO groups are part of our extended network and might even benefit from our work and vice versa. The International water foundation is looking into ways to engage you people in their work of sharing water. We are currently working on a network structure to enable groups of teenagers to become active.

Stahili uses education as a tool to end exploitation, keep children together, and break the cycle of poverty.

Would it not be an amazing project to give creative projects to those kids? Wouldn’t they benefit from having their say in the debate and become active? What if we made them part of our proposed network?

In the next week we will further explore what is possible and probably have another hangout with the Interhague group to brainstorm. This is what I love about group work, it enables you to break open the routines of thinking and make new connections – between people as well as your thoughts.

Let us know in the comments what you think of this cross NGO idea and if you have any suggestions/feedback for us!



4 thoughts on “Water Stahili

  1. Wow! First of all – nice video and thank you a lot for your time, support and advice!
    Although I already worked with Google calender and other Google tools it was interesting to me to learn more about other Google tools and especially how to connect them.

    I have to admit that I was really surprised when reading about the idea of enganging the kids of the Stahili Foundation in projects of the IWF. But it seems pretty amazing to me! I’m curious about your ideas and what you’re imaging and I’m looking forward to a potential hangout or a nice face2face brainstorm session.

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  2. Yes, I agree that this is a very good idea and great way of connecting and communicating and collaborating… All with your ever growing network. This could be a win-win situation which we never would have thought of alone. Good proof of the me, we network working. 😉


  3. I love the cross team collaboration and particularly appreciated this quote: “This is what I love about group work, it enables you to break open the routines of thinking and make new connections – between people as well as your thoughts.” So often what I hear from students in other contexts is “this is what I hate about group work.” Discovering the source of power is a great learning.

    How are you communicating these cross collaboration possibilities with your clients? What are they saying?


    1. We currently have not brought this idea forward to Francois but want to discuss the possibilities with The Stahili foundation group next week to see what can be done. Once we know what is possible we can propose the idea to Francois and add it as a recommendation to our proposal.

      I will definitely keep you posted here!

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