“We want to rally, in a crowd-sourcing kind of way’’

The title attributes to our NGO founder Francois words. During the meetings with him and other groups we were struggling to identify most valuable online and offline networking platforms as each of them could be taken as very useful means for spreading ‘love for water’ message.

Illustration of our brainstorming week by Laura Stubraite

Our main concern started with an offline niche to establish the importance for water in the local communities related to water sportsclubs (surfing, fishing, rowing, scuba-diving, swimming). Getting enthusiasm from people who are already connected to water doesn’t sound such a big deal as, for instance, spreading that message to everybody, who does not give any importance either way. Through making solid local contacts we will be able to reach out young and pro-active crowd and boost their enthusiasm. Our plan is to set up long-term relationships between water supporters in the city while using micro tasking (breaking work up into tiny tasks and sending the work to a crowd of people). Here we have some ideas for our locally working crowdsourcing circle concept:

To set up a contest between creative students from any field to redesign our NGO’s visual identity.

To provide water- related organisations with recognisable IWF objects such as stickers and posters.

To implement some small creative projects, for instance, organising a local beach cleaning event in order to a regular meet ups for water-related communities.

To propose some volunteering programs from existing IWF’s water initiates to young water enthusiasts to get a real experience.

Justin Gammon | Design + Illustration animated GIF
Indeed, we have to immerse our NGO actively in a social media platform as well. Undoubtedly, Facebook network plays such an important role for connecting young people. Either through certain groups where they can discuss about water-related topics or just share something fun about it or IWF’s main Facebook page, we want to draw people in and get them excited to be involved. Concerning the strategy how to reach that goal, we come up to pretty new non-linear thinking term which works as a less constrictive and related to the emotional and visual experience rather than logical structure. That’s how new generations brain work nowadays, so the content will be emphasised through videos, audio, images and in general concepts that rapidly go from person to person  (inforgraphs, memes or phrases).

Because nowadays people want to share everything, or at least online…


3 thoughts on ““We want to rally, in a crowd-sourcing kind of way’’

  1. Great sum up of all the things we discussed! As I have commented on our reflective blog post, the me, we, network idea can be perfectly projected on our project. Can’t wait to come up with more concise ideas of how we will realise this network!

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  2. Hey guys, I think the idea of contacting people who are already in touch with water activities (and water) is really smart. In my opinion it is a better and easier way to start with people who are already enthuastic and familiar with “the topic” rather than seeking for layman who has still to be introduced and convinced. And although it is an “offline” approach in the beginning it could become rapidly an “online” approach regarding to the fact that today nearly every sport- or recreation club has a website or even an online presence on Facebook. Spreading information, documenting activites or just mentioning the foundation on their online presence could reach a lot of people – and let you easily use their networks! In my opinion – go for it :D! I’m looking forward to reading about your progress on this approach 🙂

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  3. Guys , great work , looks very interesting , it make me engage with the text so quick and excited to see the results , also The idea of mini tasking gets me going , divide each individual task into smaller tasks , it’s something that should be more talked about . it makes you more productive if you focus on one individual. the idea for making people more interested in IWF through visualization means to make people more councious about the actual situation with water? what specificly?



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