Networks (work) for us!


By multiple perspective approach presented to us by Francois we broaden our knowledge and realized how two things (at first look, different from each): philosophy and water can connect. Nothing in the world exists only by itself. The information flows and keeps changing. Meeting with our NGO on Wednesday and Monday was a chance to present to him our ways of finding solutions and working in groups. Instant confrontation of ideas helped us save time and get faster to point of starting actions.

Once again we learned that looking at problem from different angle pays back. Instead of starting to create new groups of people enthusiastic about water, we can use networks! tumblr_myszpofBpu1s1popdo1_400Networks that have already existed and we can connect them together. Surfers, swimmers, the people that have love for water in themselves. Contacting them is our next step.

Using internet in place we all are in this time of our lives without contacting other users is impossible. Internet has become the most important tool of communication. Even though we stay in small groups of five, we work on wider field. Every group is part of something bigger. Thinking you only exist in one tiny not important piece is wrong, because all giants are build from the tiny ones. Networks are dynamic, they can grow swiftly and by that they can make getting certain goals done easier.

As Francois said understanding is strongly connected with simplicity. The message we want to spread is simple: enthusiasm about water and of course to get our goals done, the networks are necessary. Recently Nancy contacted us with Rachel. We are still waiting for meeting with her, but we are very excited as every person we meet makes us re-think the path we are following and adds something creative. Other people stimulate our work.

All groups intersect in every way, we update each others about steps we take toward main objectives. Also by dividing the tasks we save the time – time, time, time everywhere. How to get somewhere, how to get things done faster? Time is a most important aspect we live tumblr_inline_neozw4Kfjm1r1fxo6in. Networks help you with that. By staying open and being able to contact others, you can work faster and more efficient. Gaining experience and knowledge is what networks allow you to do. It is beneficial for both sides. You should never underestimate what you have to offer. We are on our way to finalize action plan.

Using what people already have in themselves – the interest in water and establishing it is what we want to do. Building good and stable network should be based on trust and ability to maintain it. We not only want to contact some groups like surfers and swimmers, but also give them some ideas what could be done linking those ones with I-Water. We do not want to give ready content but find the best way to stimulate actions and brainstorm.

As a consequence of what we experienced last week all that can be said is the more simple and clear the actions we are about to take are getting the more focused and determinated we become.


One thought on “Networks (work) for us!

  1. Great reflection Daria!

    I think our approach of forming youth groups and connecting them with the IWF is exactly what is represented by the ‘Me, We ,Network’ idea. Here is what I mean:

    Me – The individual that is enthusiastic about water and wants to make a difference

    We – The youth group based around a specific interest (i.e. water) that combines those individuals and forms a platform to share ideas and collaborate on bigger actions

    Network – The connection of all youth groups as well as the IWF, a network that will enable crowdsourcing/founding , idea exchange and relationship building

    Once we get this structure up and running we can look further into what each role can do to support the IWF. Especially being able to work together with Francois was invaluable this week. We were able to instantly get feedback for our work and discuss possible solutions.

    One thing we need to further tap into is how we can enable Francois to do all this by himself. He is currently alone and has a lot of things to do. Maintaining a complete network will not be a task for a single person. We will need to realise that this approach needs to develop slowly alongside the growth of the IWF and not grow over the top of our heads.

    I think we have made substantial progress this week. Working with Francois produced tangible outcomes and our team performed well in coming up with ideas and distributing tasks. Go the Collaborators!


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