Spidergraph Spidergraph

The international water foundation is not your typical NGO. Rather than being a group of people that want to aid a community, the IWF is aiming to consolidate all existing NGOs’ efforts and raise awareness. The main challenge we were facing when creating a spidergraph was that the organisational activities were differing from what we believe the youth can do to help the NGO. Given this we created a separate spidergraph to accomodate the different orientation.

Coming from this the idea originated that we want to create youth groups that help the NGO but follow a different structure. While the IWF is focussed on the bigger picture, we want to get young people involved and be active. They will pay more attention to cultivation and working on projects. We talked to Francois and he likes the idea of having independent groups to help the IWF.

Finding the right technology to facilitate this is easier once you know what you want to achieve. Having boiled down the needs and opportunities we are now able to propose the use of technology. We are aiming to get in contact with existing communities that are in love with water, such as sailing clubs or rowing teams (either via email or social media) and then see if they want to join our efforts in  helping the IWF. We will propose a strategy to approach these groups and from there find ways to connect them with the IWF via facebook or an even more suitable social network in the future.

Have a look at the two spidergrams below that portrait both the NGO and our proposed youth group. What comes to your mind when you see them side by side? Maybe you can think of another great way to connect them? Let us know in the comments!

Screenshot at Sep 23 16-08-54

Francois helped us create a spidergraph that portraits the IWF and how it functions.

Screenshot at Sep 23 16-09-11

We afterwards came up with our ideal way of how young people can get involved.


6 thoughts on “Spidergraph Spidergraph

  1. I can’t wait to hear Francois’ reaction to the two different spidergrams. The visual representation could suggest a stark difference between the two and give you insights as to your next steps.

    How was the F2F???


    1. Hi Nancy,

      Francois was actually quite interested in having youth groups organised as a network that can then help the IWF in specific ways according to their connection with water.

      the F2F was very interesting as we were actually able to facilitate a proper conversation and chat about his visions and goals. We could instantly run ideas past him and craft them together as opposed to waiting for a few days and reading through his input – A welcoming change!

      What do you think about joining us on Monday for a hangout with Francois? Would be interested what we can get out of a brainstorm of all 3 parties. Maybe some exciting ideas can emerge!


      1. I am SO BUMMED I did not see this comment until today (I think being sick this last week caused me to miss things). I would have LOVED to be in a hangout with all of you. Perhaps online in the coming weeks?


  2. Good to have the two spider graphs together, you can also put them on top of each other. striking is the difference in the cultivation ‘leg’, that’s your main focus now isn’t it? Curious to learn how you are going to achieve this!


    1. Hi Sebastiaan,

      Yes you are right – putting them on top of each other helps a lot. While cultivation is an important part, we want to work on a balanced mix and find what exactly would appeal to different sorts of groups. We are actually thinking of approaching existing water lovers, like fishermen, surfers etc.

      What do you think of visualising different groups of water advocated in the world and match them with NGOs and the IWF?


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