Yasin’s Point of View

Hi all,
I am going to write down a reflective post(1.2) which contains some information about our blog like my point of view about strong points of our team (The Collaborators), reflective posts which written before by my group mates, challenging issues and my plans to make our blog more efficient and more practical.
First of all, I would like to appreciate all team members because of perfect collaboration, they support me all time and their compassion make me more motivated to do my tasks.
By taking a look at our blog’s reflective posts which are written before by my mates, I found out HOW to write one and also gave me more clear view of what we are going to do for our blog and NGO in future.
As a Tech Steward, My task is to work on technical issues of our blog and meetings, But I would like to pass this border and improve the efficiency of our blog posts, meetings, and anything related to the NGO and our group by using my past experiences. For example we started using google drive as an archive for our posts and also a place to share and edit our ideas!
At the end, I would like to appreciate not only our group and NGO but whole Organisations which are working on environmental problems. being even a small part of this community is a honor by the way.



4 thoughts on “Yasin’s Point of View

  1. Heyy, using google drive is such a good idea! You could also make a google document and share it with your team mates. Then everyone can add ideas in one document! 🙂


  2. Definitely a good idea, other teams I have worked with have used DropBox as well. It’s whatever makes it work for you that matters, there is no “best tool”

    If you have not done so already, it works well in drive you create a shared folder- then every item you put inside inherits the same sharing permissions (rather then sharing individual files). You can also create a second folder perhaps for things you want yo share with your client, this can have permissions set for “allow viewing by anyone with the link”.

    You may already know this.

    Also, in your blogging, think often about hyperlinking to relevant content — like maybe an example post from another student, or to the NGO you are working with.

    Good advice is also to think about “What if this is the only post on this blog someone reads?” Will they understand what NGO is and what is its context? You are aware of everything because you are in the middle of your project. But others might find your blog from search or a shared link.

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