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Since International Water Foundation was found in 2008, Francois Bruley was running the campaign by himself. The founder is a well educated engineer who has travelled the world and visited over 60 countries. During his travels he realised that water was a fundamental key in every culture.

Now the future of Water Initiative will focus on 3 paths: information sharing (organized database of all water initiatives), practical solutions and global vision. The main end-goal of NGO is Fresh Water for everyone. Where are The Collaborators in this? We are the one that will focus on the spreading of information.

The International Water Foundation’s philosophy is based on a multiple perspective approach.  The perspectives can be adopted within a collaborative context. The way of thinking presented to us by Francois could be sum up by saying: that is a need of covering more and more areas in order to keep creative and work efficient. By sharing the knowledge, we can broaden the community, which core is enthusiasm about the water itself. Water & Life for all beings in different area from Natura & Ecology to every Household.



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