Visualising Needs – Hell Yeah!


Our NGO wants us, via social media, to get young people to recognise their enthusiasm about water and to support the IWF.

Every human has a connection to water. They may not know about it or not express it, but our mission is to activate this love and use it to create something unique. We want to bring young people with the same concerns and love of water together and enable them to make a change. Once people are connected we can use the strategies and concepts we have developed to actively support the International Water Foundations and it’s aspirations.


One thought on “Visualising Needs – Hell Yeah!

  1. I like the idea of helping people identify their personal connection with water, maybe that we, as humans, are more water than not.

    Most of us live where water is an assumed convenience, i sometimes wonder about the luxury of being able to stand under hot water spraying from a wall. What if that was not there, or not feasible? Wonder if you could have a project where young people living in a modern city, have to walk the distance people in other parts of the world have to to get water, and then carry it home? It might make for an interesting film/media campaign.


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