Hey ho hey ho it’s off to work we go! – my reflections week #1

Apprehensive way of the perception is a no way for me. I started this week with positive thoughts and full of energy attitude. I can easily say I was not disappointed. Even though confusiasm and uncertainty could devour a bit of our self-confidence, in the end I strongly believe this was a good week to start working. I find the whole project still over-tumblr_nphamjknPS1s4u80lo1_r1_500whelming in a positive way. Cooperating brings me a lot of joy, so Clients Service role seemed like it was made for me. Although everyone was assigned a specific role/tasks, our paths cross all the time. That is the core of cooperation.  

My main task of this week was to contact our NGO. Meeting took place on Thursday and as a consequence of our Skype call with Francois Bruley everything is starting to become clearer (only starting, because there is still a long way to go). We felt at ease, because of presence of all Clients Services. No one got stuck, no one stuttered – that’s all due to strength of working together. Francois indicated the final result, he would like to be achieved by us in upcoming weeks – building social media strategy for International Water Foundation. Sounds quite specific, but in fact it consists of plenty of different sollutions. Now it’s time for us – let’s equip ourselves with energy and new ideas – time to work a bit harder! 



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