Reflections: Water tales

One day you just wake up and head for a kitchen to make yourself a tea. And Bam! Not even a little drop of water comes out from the tap. I never really thought of the importance of the clean and adequate drinking water in my daily life since I suffered a week long diarrhea in Nepal. I just simply forgot to put a tablet (iodine), which desolves in the water and filter it. More than 80 percent of diseases are the result of unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation there. And this is only one country out of hundreds facing the issue of not having fresh water for everyone.

I am excited to participate in our group’s altruistic project (trying to find some synonymous to NGO) and work on finding many efficient solutions to the fresh water crises worldwide. As a team, we are community-driven and willing to assist each other when needed. I think we are already on the right track while pushing the project to be more recognisable for society. Unfortunately, our International Water Foundation has a low profile website and a little reputation. So our main focus is to work less on finding fundraising and more on social impact to finally fulfil it’s mission. 

As a production manager I am in charge to do a research on our NGO’s brand. Firstly, I came up to  show its values and purpose, which means that is more than just a visual identity online. It should start making psychological associations (as an example of WWF) and slowly providing trust-worthy image of it. Once we have boots on the ground, we can start partnering with local companies and water- related initiatives.

I am sure that we can do a lot, although it’s quite challenging to make this world change in such a short period! But we are in!


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