Reflection from Laura :)

We all live in the World where are a lot of people around us. We all are different from others, that is why sometimes we are arguing between ourselves and can’t make a decision, which fits for all of us.  In my opinion, we all must see not only ourselves, but also others.

“I want to spend less time talking about myself, and more time listening to what other people have to say about me.”

Jarod Kintz

These words are like golden and that’s why I think that communities and networks can support our team’s work. We all have to work as a team, because if we not, our achievements won’t be so big as that could be. One PERSON has much power, but TEAM have much much more than the power. Team members share their ideas, help each other and try to do the best they can, so that is a  really huge power, which is hidden in communication and networks.

I am a perfectionist- I  always try to achieve as much as I can. I am really motivated beecause I want to explore a new country and cultural variety and to do my studies in the English language which will provide an opportunity for personal development in many different ways too that will allow me  to become a designer, a thinker and a creator. I expect to be educated not only as a problem-solver, but also as an opportunity –seeker.

That’s why outcome is really important for me. While we will be working with our NGO I think we will succeed in our final video presentation and that would help many people who can’t access fresh water. Now, when we are sitting in our comfortable homes we are not thinking about it, but billion and a half people do not have that luxury, which we have. That luxury is WATER, it keeps us alive, gives a sense of freshness and provides many fun activities. We all use water and we are not saving it at all, because we know that if today I got water, it will be tomorrow too. What if it won’t be? . . . Maybe that was the last drop? . . .



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