The IWF, our plan and a lot of confusiasm

Creative Commons International Water Foundation Logo

Creative Commons International Water Foundation

What just happened?

After the first 3 days of this project a lot of things have become clear – the most important one being “If you stop, you loose”. Being thrown into the deep end automatically creates a lot of confusion but we decided to turn this into confusiasm and fun! Not starting from the pole position and being surprised would stop most people from being active, but not the Collaborators! We could not be happier about the assigned NGO as it is determined to make a change in this world.


Our NGO is the International Water Foundation (IWF) based in Quebec, Canada. Francois Bruley will work close with us to achieve the main objectives his organisation has created. Those objectives are:

  1. A universal internet portal linking all water initiatives in the world
  2. Scientific research projects
  3. Field projects for specific local needs
  4. Learning and educating about water

The main goal is to raise awareness of their vision and that’s where we as future designers come into play. Francois gave us the challenge of creating a social media approach for users under the age of 29. What an exciting opportunity! The catch –

the project will focus on designing a social media strategy to share the enthusiasm for (and worth of) water from a human culture angle, as opposed to convince from an advocacy agenda. – Francois Bruley

This social media strategy will help the organisation reach younger generations and act as a catalyst for the second funding stage aimed at the general public.

We believe that our NGO’s vision is an exceptional example of the use of communities and networks for a great cause. By using existing and new communities our design can make a difference not only in some specific affected areas but around the globe.

What’s next?

After the initial stage of being run over by info we have now gathered ourselves and organised tasks and responsibilities and assigned those to all roles. With a solid communication structure and strict follow ups we will ensure to be on target for a successful project. We will have our first meeting with Francois on Thursday the 10th and consolidate the project plan as well as answer our developed questions. Sometimes not having an ideal start turns out to be a great platform for creativity!

Stay tuned IDE!


5 thoughts on “The IWF, our plan and a lot of confusiasm

  1. Great article!
    I have to admit, I had to read it twice to understand some sentences – …”and act as a catalyst for the second funding stage aimed at the general public” – maybe a bit too sophisticated phrase for me as a non-native English speaker to get it at a glace.
    But you guys sound invincible!
    Best of luck from the InterHague’s!


  2. Wow, I can feel the energy! I’m deeply impressed about your discovery of “if you stop, you lose.” That is a great learning to have noticed so soon. (Sometimes people don’t discover it until very late!)

    I’m going to be very curious about how you research the approach of a human culture angle versus the advocacy angle. When you talk to Francois, that may be a great thing to learn more about. I’d love it if you would leave some notes here so I can learn with you.

    When I met Francois at a meeting earlier this year in Montreal and I told him about Project Community I was most drawn to his interest in people under 29. YOU KNOW THOSE PEOPLE!!

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    1. Hi Nancy,

      Francois indeed is a very interesting individual and I am incredibly excited to work with him and my team for the next few weeks. I am most impressed by his energy – you listen to him for a few minutes and just want to go out there and do something!

      The current online representation does not communicate this excitement and energy hence I am looking forward to turn what Francois has to teach and share into a powerful statement online.

      I think the approach of a human culture angle is a wisely chosen way when interacting with our target group of under 29 year olds. We do not want to bore people with theory and try to convince them of what we are doing (advocacy angle). We rather want to unveil the existing love of water in these people and create a community of people that care about the challenges. As Francois said – we don’t have to recruit people as most initiatives do, we want to inspire people.

      Especially as young people have a natural way of using the multiple angle approach we will focus more on cultural and emotional messages rather than factual approaches.

      Let me know what you think, I myself have learnt a lot in just a single skype call – I hope I am able to share my message in a way that enables others to learn as well…


  3. I like the way this post is set up, it looks really professional this way, with the quote from Francois and so. Good discussion btw, this is going somewhere!


    1. We keep learning how to get better at expressing our thoughts and ideas every week I guess. The balance between open conversations and tasks becomes more and more important from day to day!


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