SUPER-DARIA on the deck!

I’m Daria. Hello! Nice to meet you, you and you – everyone individually and together, every single person with their own story and superpower to create things.


Here I am. A girl from Poznań in Poland, a bit clumsy, a bit confused, but ready to work. My superpower is my spontaneity. Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone. By pushing limits and taking risks everything can be achieved. With one spark of madness it is possible to create unbelievable and fascinating project.  Noticing those little sparks is essential to build something remarkable. That is how I perceive the woDaria1rld, built from tiny pieces connected together.

I’m very keen on theatre, because of its complexity, the large numbers of factors that are needed to create an outstanding performance. This is also what brought my interest to design. The complicated process of creating – from an idea to a product. The struggle to getting things done is what makes it worth it. My other super power is honesty, although in extreme situations it might get you in trouble, it works well for me so far and it’s beneficial for other people. I worked for several art foundations and helped organisating culture events and festivals. Meeting new people from all over the world is what gives me energy.

I organise my thoughts by writing. Short stories, poems – you don’t know what you really have on your mind until you try to express and share it with others.

My personality is a mix of both super powers: spontaneity, honesty and a little spark of madness. I guess I can’t hide my weirdness. 😉



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