Oh Hi There

My name is Marcel. You may also hear people call me Marc (pronounced Mars).

I was born and raised in Germany and spent quite a few years of my life in New Zealand working for an industry leading tourism company. That’s when I found out about my superpower. It is in each and every one of us but most people use it the wrong way. My superpower is a positive attitude. Not the ‘everything is great, I love life’ sort of attitude. I mean a positive outlook on life and all that it throws at you.

I love the ocean. If you sit on your surfboard during a sunset waiting for the next wave, feeling this incredible force around you, you realise how tiny and insignificant you are as a human being. I need that to remind of what I want to do in life – enjoy it.

616444_4314608819080_1704249403_o11080977_10206053077061627_1019862164836453161_n (1)

You might find me doing all sorts of stuff – hiking, biking, surfing, skydiving and so on. I just want to give everything a shot in life, it might just be something I am good at and enjoy. But my superpower is not just about being curious and open. It is about seeing the good in the bad.

I will never forget my business mentor’s reaction when I faced him with one of the biggest challenges in our company. Things really were not looking great. His reaction was an incredible inspiration that shaped my life. He just looked at me with joy in his eyes and said – “F**k yes Marc, that’s awesome!”. I was so irritated by his answer at first but as he explained it all made sense. He was not afraid of loosing but excited about winning. It was a challenge. An opportunity to grow.

In the end you will either win or you will learn – but you will never loose. And if seeing that is not an amazing superpower, what is?

I am stoked to grow with all of you and have an amazing time on the way.



3 thoughts on “Oh Hi There

  1. Very inspiring post Marcel, thanks a lot! I’d have loved to see the expression on your face during the — “F**k yes Marc, that’s awesome! — inspirational speech…

    But seriously, the lesson in your post is really powerful. Either you’ll win or you’ll learn.


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