Let there be light – or water actually

Our team is going to collaborate with the International Water Foundation this year in order to help them achieve their objectives while we learn about design and it’s use within communities and NGOs. We hope to help the IWF by designing an innovative social media strategy which would help the billion and a half humans who don’t have access to drinking water.

Our team members are :

1. Marcel Peifer – Project Team Leader

2. Daria Pernak – Client Services

3. Laura Stubraite – Documentarian

4. Yasin Salamzadeh – Technology Steward

5. Inesa Trusaite – Production Manager

We are first year students at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and will face all challenges coming our way. From the first impression it seems that we, the “Collaborators” are a strong team which is not afraid of problems or confusion. We will embrace the confusiasm ahead of us!

Keep following our team work and you will see our progress and final presentation!


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