Indiana Inesa Trusaite Jones of Happiness

I always look for something undiscovered. I don’t try to make revolutions happen, but sometimes I go against the grain. This hunger for real experiences and the knowledge that cannot come from the books or any rational explanation lead me to live quite a nomadic life for three years. I was carrying my ‘everything’ in the backpack like a snail its house. In fact, the different artefacts powers collected on my way either revealed or not were put on my messy travelling journals. I must confess that I prefer the unstructured and intimate dairy-like manner of writing on the paper than non-personal style blogging. However, it will be some twists in my story (hopefully) as I have a power of survivor so will strive to conquer all the fears and problems. Hmm, should I mention how long is it taking to defeat the silly fear of rats?

For me a good traveller has less to do with the destination, but much more with the attitude. So let’s leave all the phobias behind us and keep moving forward as the real adventure seekers. I am joining this one, because I know that it’s going to be a fun and long-lasting way to explore and discover new artefacts. Both from you guys and myself.


This time I came to The Hague in a more ‘civilized’ way than before, I mean with a piece of luggage. Although I can hardly imagine myself being settled somewhere for more than a half-year, I am very enthusiastic about unpacking everything and creating a homely nest here. Well, because I will need much more space for collecting my professional baggage for the future. Wish the same to everybody!


2 thoughts on “Indiana Inesa Trusaite Jones of Happiness

  1. I hope you can find the humanness in blogging as well as your paper journaling. What I have loved about blogging is the “external face” has given me a way to share my “thinking in progress” (or half baked thinking) with others and gain their insight. My blog has been an unexpected blessing.


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