Hi Everybody

This is Yasin,

Technical Steward of this page.

I have crossed a long way to come here, Netherlands.I am Iranian but also I have been living in Turkey for 4 years and in Germany and Netherlands for last 2 years. I love travelling and also gain experience by this way rather than reading or watching about other people and other cultures, Cause in my opinion it is totally different!

In my belief nothing is more important than a thing you really want! I always try to gain my wishes cause it gives me more energy to live.

We as a group and I as a member of this group will try to do our best to achieve IWF’s goals.




4 thoughts on “Hi Everybody

  1. Hello Yasin! Good to see that your groups blog works too! Congratulations! I wanted to like things and add comments, but it was hard to find a way on the blog tpo do so. It was easier with the blog of the 5 kings. I am curious to know what made the difference. Keep it up! Cheers Sebastiaan


    1. Hi Sebastian,

      Thanks for your feedback! Would you be able to let us know how you were able to provide feedback on the other? I was only able to comment on other posts there but not like anything – contrary to our blog. Maybe a viewing/account issue?

      Thanks so much for looking into this,


      1. I had some trouble finding the way in leaving comments on posts. But I have to scroll down to the replies and leave comments there.


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