Hi nice people!

In this post I am going to introduce myself as a person.  So let’s get started!
My name is Laura Stubraite and I am from really beautiful country called Lithuania. As a person I can be shy sometimes, but just in the beginning! Also I am quite a silent person, I don’t talk much, but I like to listen for other people. I am really hardworking person, if I have a task I try to do that as good as I can, so that’s why I learn so much from assignments and tasks.

Some people have hobbies, but I have not only them, I have one strong passion as well. For example at free time I like to read a books , to cycle a bike, hangout with my friends and so on. But I have one passion, which is for all my life. That passion is Sea, I love sea as an element of Earth, so as you know there is only one way to feel the sea…you have to sail. From my first sailing trip (Tall ship races 2013) I knew that will be my passion for whole life.


I am art-lover too, so that was one of the reasons why I started to study Industrial design engineering (IDE) at the Hague university of Applied sciences. I hope these studies will teach me various lessons, not only about design, but also about the life 🙂

So that is a little bit about me and my world, I hope you liked it! :))



4 thoughts on “Hi nice people!

  1. Fellow sailor! =)
    Your pictures brought back my own sweet memories – thanks for that! =)
    I believe there are a lot of other amazing things down your sleeve!
    (We need to go out into the sea sometime! 😉 )


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